For your convenience, below is a list of commonly asked questions

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Q: Who is Executive Promotion?

A: Executive Promotion is a marketing company that provides complimentary services to its members for answering 4 to 7 survey questions a day.

Q: How much is it to join?

A: Members earn points each time they complete a survey either online or by using our mobile app on a daily basis towards the required monthly 130 points. ( So basically it’s free after start up )

Q: Who is eligible for complimentary services?

A: Business of all sizes are eligible for complimentary services and or our discount program with ExecPromotions.

Q: Who is paying for my complimentary service?

A: As long as you answer the survey questions on a daily basis, ExcePromotion will pay for the provided service. Survey participation is mandatory to continue complimentary service.

Q: What if I just want to pay for service and not answer questions?

A: All members are required to either have 130 points or pay the monthly membership fee of $69.95 to continue receiving member benefits.

Q: Can I keep my current smart phone?

A: All unlocked GSM handsets are fully compatible. Other unlocked and GSM compatible devices may be eligible for ExecPromotion participation..

Q: Can A Business Sign Up?

A: Typically our customer base is 95% small business