Online Support Center

This area will provide you with everything you need to get your complimentary phone service active ?


Porting your number to and from ExecPromotions:

If you wish to port your number to our service normally it takes 3 to 24 hours to be completed.

If your wishing to port your number to a different wireless carrier you need to contact us before the request is made.

Having Trouble Receiving Text Messages:

The following area will instruct you on how to make changes to your APN settings to ensure your receiving your messages on time.

Having Trouble With My Phone:

We currently do not sell phones, please reach out to your manufacturer for support.

I would like to change my phone #:

There currently is a $15 dollar charge for changing your phone number. Please call customer service for assistance.

I would like to keep my services:

Sorry, it’s for members of our program ONLY

Voicemail Password Reset:

We are working to make this process extremely easy for members, at this time please call customer service.